The Tipping Point

As you can imagine, people ask me a lot of questions… daily! My favorite questions has to be: “Was it hard to come up with Wholetones?” And I like my answer even more than the question.  The answer is, “it wasn't hard, it was impossible.”

Inevitably, one day, you too will have an opportunity to do something that literally seems impossible for you to accomplish.  The question is… will you get to do it anyway?

Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Do you see it? There is NOTHING you cannot do with God.  Likewise, there is not a whole lot you can accomplish without him!  

As you know, I get to read many testimonies from Wholetones customers (and some folks even write in just because they enjoyed the samples of the music at,!) about miraculous healing every day.  Yet recently, a Christian organization had a hard time with a couple of our video testimonies.  They said these stories were "too amazing to be true."  But instead of being offended, I found it sad that the very people who should be embracing and celebrating miracles had a difficult time believing them... I have no doubt they'll come around if God wants them to "see." 

Another question I've been asked is: “Do you believe in miracles?” My answer?

“No — I depend on them!”

What kind of world would it be if God didn’t interrupt our intellect with His miracles?

I read a book by Malcolm Gladwell several years ago titled, “The Tipping Point.” It was well written, wildly popular, and the premise… priceless!  

It talks about how little (even seemingly insignificant) things can make a BIG difference.  In the entire scope of the universe, all of us appear kind of pint-sized... or as our Scottish friends might say — wee!

However, once we become transformed by the Creator of the universe, through Him…we can accomplish anything!  In my case, I had worked for years with marginal success at best, working really hard, but not really smart because I thought I could do it all myself.  Here is a newsflash, you can’t do it all yourself, because nobody is good at everything!  

As you read this email, are you thinking to yourself, “that sounds like me, I've been trying to do it all myself and I keep hitting the wall of marginal success and it’s starting to get painful!”  Here is the million dollar nugget…TURN AROUND, you are in God’s way!

Yes dear friend, as embarrassing as it is… for the better part of my life I was actually an impediment to God’s perfect will being done in my life without even realizing it!  

My tipping point was twofold...

First, I got out of God’s way and let Wholetones be what it was without making it what I thought it should be.  And second, I surrounded myself with great people who can do everything that I can’t do and found joy running in the lane that I excel in and am passionate about.

I try to find a pulse before writing you each week and I had a hunch that you may be facing a bit of discouragement, discontentment, or disenfranchisement.  I want you to know that this can change in a moment.  Suddenly and without warning, you can find yourself on the favorable side of “The Tipping Point.”  Remember, the word ignorant is not a critical word; it simply means to be uninformed.  God certainly does not want us to be ignorant.  In fact, he wants to share all the secrets of the universe with us.

If you will quiet yourself, listen and believe… you may just hear Heaven's symphony in the still, gentle yet mighty voice of God.

The wind is shifting... See you on the other side of the tipping point!