Do you qualify to be a part of this Wholetones event?

Today I have an exciting yet unusual favor to ask you…

See, we’ve been receiving some fantastic stories from people.

They’re sharing the deep, personal evidence that the frequencies of Wholetones has made them happier… at peace… creatively and wholly inspired… and even charged with energy like they had in their youth!

So I talked it over with Joe Barton (Publisher of Wholetones) and we came up with a truly radical plan.

That’s why I’m writing you today…

We’re reaching out to you and a select few Wholetones customers to share similar experiences of hope and healing with this phenomenal music therapy project.

If you’re willing to contribute YOUR personal story, I’d like to invite you to join us in an exclusive commercial program for Wholetones that will air on television!

What we’re looking for are stories of change… transformation… lowered stress… better sleep—basically, your experiences that make Wholetones the feel good product for a lifetime!

And for this I will shower you with 3 special gifts never before available together… and 1 special bonus that you’re going to love.

In order to qualify for this I need 2 things from you:

  1. Your complete honesty…
  2. And that you’ve given Wholetones a fair shake… listening for at least 7 days.

If you can satisfy those 2 requirements, then get ready to take center stage…

Because the most satisfying part of this project is getting to know you in person.

It helps me customize the offers and future projects to suit you best… so you can be fairly represented and your unique story can be heard by thousands of others for inspiration and healing.

There’s only one catch…

I need to hear from you RIGHT AWAY…

As I said, we’re making this offer ONLY to a select few people and we have the studio booked to shoot the commercial…

If you don’t respond, I need to remove your name from the list and give your spot to the next qualified person in line.

So I encourage you to respond promptly.

Here’s what to do right now…

Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Contact telephone numbers
  3. City and state where you live
  4. How long you’ve been using WHOLETONES (important)
  5. A headshot/selfie (show us your smile!)
  6. Optional but encouraged: Video recording of your unique story—which we reserve the right to edit for the time slot

*Entries MUST include 1-5 above or will be invalidated

Now let me make one more thing clear—don’t worry if you think your recording isn’t good enough. It is! 

We want to see the unpolished realism of your home video…

In fact, drop what you are doing right now and use your cell phone or computer camera to record your story!

Now, for your effort I told you I had 3 exciting FREE gifts that we’ve never offered in one package before.

When we receive your headshot, story, and video recording, I will send you a special Thank You package that includes

  • 1 copy of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project ($99 value)

  • 1 copy Wholetones Chroma (the exciting new color therapy DVD and BluRay set to the music of Wholetones) ($99 value)

  • and a Wholetones tee-shirt in the size of your choosing! ($22.95 value)

*Please include your shirt size…

PLUS as a 4th bonus, if you are chosen to appear in the TV commercial, I will send you a copy of the completed commercial on a DVD so you can show your friends and family that you’re a superstar on so many levels!.

Sound good?

Okay then… I look forward to your prompt response and thank you very much for helping me spread God’s word and serve in His Kingdom.

Until next time…

Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. Do you qualify to be our next rising star in the Wholetones television commercial?  Then respond NOW and send me the above information!  There’s no time to lose because the studio is booked… so don’t lose out on this opportunity.  To participate, go to right away and let’s help everyone experience the divine power of this miraculous music.