Give Me a Break

Have you noticed that people have been a bit more, freaked out, stressed out and worn out lately? And add to that stress, nonstop negative media, social media and water cooler gossip, and you have the perfect environment for a nervous breakdown. Now, don’t panic (that just makes it worse!) there is a logical explanation for this condition, exhaustion, due to overwork. Now what causes the exhaustion may come as a surprise to you…two tiny glands called, adrenals can become easily overwhelmed and the result…burnout! So lets look at the precursor to a breakdown…look at these terms, deadline, and drop dead date, wow, whats in a word! And then lets double it, the deadline for your mortgage payment is… the word mortgage interpreted is, “debt unto death.” So, with a vernacular like this is it any wonder people are fearfully awaiting the “sword of Damocles” to fall?

The fact is, you know when you need to take a break and reboot, the problem is, fear of loss and peer pressure can keep you from doing it! Years ago, I worked in an environment where it was frowned upon to show weakness, thus everyone worked themselves to a frazzle and took pride in it. During a Tuesday morning, staff meeting, after putting in over 80 hours, I informed the staff that I was taking my painted pony off of the “merry-go-round” and taking a break. When I finished talking, one by one, each of the staff members pontificated on how they had worked longer hours than me and didn’t understand why I needed a break. I asked them if they knew what the word, viscosity meant, when no one answered, I continued, viscosity is an oils ability to lubricate, if the oil in your car loses its viscosity, soon your engine will breakdown from friction. After that meeting, the leadership put a moratorium on the numbers of hours staff members could work. Why? Because a happy, rested, staff is FAR more productive than a bummed out, burned out staff any day! If you don’t take care of yourself…you won’t be in any condition to take care of anyone else either. There is a reason why in the flight safety videos shown on commercial flights, they always show the father putting the oxygen mask first, and then putting one on his son. If you are not good to yourself, you will be of no good to anyone else as well.

Wholetones was created to balance that which is out of balance. With that being said, 639hz is very friendly to the adrenal glands…so if you are feeling stressed out, start with 396hz followed by 639hz for a peaceful experience. It is no secret what stress can do to the body and once your body suffers, it starts a domino effect that also affects your family as well as your business. Know when to say, NO! No is a very wonderful word that I discovered after hitting the wall a few times over the years, and now I use it often. In my years as a minister I have realized after working with a myriad of people…the number one thing that causes people to work themselves sick is fear. Fear of the future, fear of the past, fear of failure, and the most insidious fear of all…the fear of man, can make you do a lot of things for all the wrong reasons. I want to challenge you to work smarter, not longer, play Wholetones in the background at work (417hz revs my engines of creation) take a break when you feel stressed or anxious, take deep breaths, go out to lunch…do not eat at your desk, pause for prayer…often! Jesus advocated hard work as well as aggressive rest, when the crowds got to be too much, Jesus would periodically take His disciples to a quiet place where they could rest and He could teach them in a peaceful environment. Remember the word, “Shalom”or peace, Jesus used this word often, John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. 

At Wholetones, we wish above all things you would proper and be in health, even as your soul prospers! So, if your soul, (thoughts, will, emotions) seem out of sorts…do what I did, TAKE A BREAK, before you breakdown. I should have some big news to share with you soon!


Michael S. Tyrrell