Wholetones Global Community

You may have noticed in some of my recent social media posts that I started using a new phrase... “Welcome to the Wholetones Global Community.” The reason I started using that phrase is important as you are now connected to a global family of Wholetones users. In my book, “Wholetones - The Sound Of Healing” at the beginning of the book, I speak a lot about the Renaissance period. During this period, trade connected the continents and transformed our big blue marble into a global village. So many things that have become household staples actually originated from a different country than ours. And in many ways, our cultures have been “cross-pollinated” for hundreds of years. Initially, it was water that connected us as men learned to sail great vessels and navigate them by the stars in the sky to reach their destination. Before this global connection, many were convinced that the earth was as flat as a map and that they could sail off the end of the world!

Today the internet has brought all of us within one click of each other! One thing I have discovered this year is the joy of reading daily emails and Facebook posts from people around the globe thanking me for releasing Wholetones as well as healing testimonies that brings tears to my eyes every time! I am still numb from the outrageous reception of Wholetones and the sheer volume of actual customer testimonials. To think it was launched less than a year ago (October 24th) boggles my mind. I have learned a lot from your comments on the surveys we send out and I am committed to releasing as many modalities of healing as possible each year. I am happy to announce that there will be two very powerful Wholetones projects released before Christmas of this year and I cannot wait to share them with you. And as always, you will have the launch details before anyone else. All I can tell you for now is this.. one will be released in October and the other, in November. Yes, being part of a global community has it’s perks! As impersonal as online business can be, I have had a blast connecting with many of you through Facebook, Instagram, and once in a while, a surprise phone call! I have also enjoyed watching many of you connecting with each other on social media and it is a blessing to know that Wholetones is the connector (or touchstone) that has brought us all together from all 4 corners of the world. God is truly awesome.

With all of the hate and negative “vibes” out there, I am so grateful to know that Wholetones is accomplishing so much good in the world and that our “Global community,” is growing every day. So here is something to ponder. As I mentioned earlier, originally it was water that connected us (and that is still true today if you think about it). We are all comprised of at least 70% water, so you could say we are all elementally connected by water. So together, we are an ocean of possibility. Together, we can change the world one frequency at a time. I am honored to partner with you in the future. Thank you for your support, your testimonies, and for sharing Wholetones with your friends and loved ones. The best is yet to come!