The Grand Illusion

I pray that these weekly musings are a helpful departure from the status quo. My intention for writing you is personal, if you are receiving these emails, you have already helped make Wholetones a success and you are precious to me. As crazy as my schedule is, it is important to me that I share my thoughts, as well as “insider” information regarding future Wholetones projects with you first. As you can imagine, I am constantly creating and I will be unveiling a major breakthrough very soon! It is my utmost desire to see people live stress free, victorious, transformed lives, so they can become all they were designed to be…this is my passion. Every morning, armed with my cup of coffee infused with coconut oil, I read new testimonials from people just like you whose lives have been radically altered by merely listening to Wholetones and reading my book, “Wholetones The Sound Of Healing” and I am tearfully reminded why I am here. Thank you!  

Now, let me share this weeks musing, “The Grand Illusion.” I find it fascinating that in todays culture, two people can view an identical scenario and yet derive vastly different conclusions. This variable in the human thought process is what gives magicians and “slight of hand” experts the upper hand. Prestidigitation is a fancy word for a magic trick, notice the word, trick here’s the definition: a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone. The prestidigitator thrives on the art of misdirection, in other words… creating a distraction so that you see something other than what you are supposed to see. With that in mind, perhaps a better name for politics should be “politricks” as often, politicians get you to look at something benign while they are actually doing something else!

I remember watching a YouTube video of the illusionist, Chris Angel, “walking on water” in a swimming pool in Las Vegas. As I studied the video, I started to giggle because being the non-linear thinker that I am, I immediately saw how he performed the illusion. The first thing I noticed was a poolside lounge chair with 6 legs, when the ones next to it only had 4…yes, a conspicuously placed mirror! And the second thing I noticed was…where Chris Angel was walking had an almost undetectable color hue discrepancy…he was walking on a thin acrylic runway in the pool! And as you can imagine, the onlookers were screaming and totally convinced that Mr. Angel had defied gravity and mimicked a miracle of Biblical proportion! The point is, people see what they want to see, and their perception, right or wrong becomes their reality. When you look at the beautiful picture included with this writing, you are actually seeing what I saw outside the window of my recent flight to the Virgin Islands (once again I was seated in 4C), "foresee"... get it?! But here is the catch, when I took off, the sky was overcast and dreary, so people assumed that it was a rainy ugly day. But once the plane cleared the clouds, there was magnificent sunshine, clear blue skies, and azure blue waters below. The stormy day was merely an illusion assisted by the drop ceiling of cloud cover, but once the plane ascended the “cover” was blown and the illusion was ultimately… demystified! Remember, things are NOT always as they appear… never live your life beneath the drop ceiling of faulty perception.

At Wholetones, we have no “smoke and mirrors,” trap doors, or sleight of hand… only the truth, because only the truth can set you free. Until next week…

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell