Love In The Face Of Tragedy

Dearest Wholetones family,

My heart is heavy as I write you today. Over the weekend, 50 innocent people lost their lives in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. My wife, Lillian, and I planned to spend our 29th anniversary in Orlando the same weekend, and at the last minute, changed our plans. When we saw the “breaking news” concerning the senseless slaying of these precious souls, we were horrified, shocked, and heartbroken.

You see, Orlando is a place that to us, signifies fun, tourism, Disney, and being a kid again … not terror, hate, and murder. Immediately, social media exploded with everyone voicing their opinions, and yet only a few seemed focused on the obvious need at hand—the grieving families and the wounded who were still alive.

Those of you who are familiar with me through Wholetones and these Tuesday musings have probably picked up on the fact that I exist to bring love, light, and healing to people around the world. For three days, I have felt that other than praying for the survivors and families of the slain and injured, I had no way of making a difference in the lives of these hurting people in my own state.

I know that people everywhere are benefitting from Wholetones, whether through better sleep, peace, forgiveness, hope, etc. These precious people in Orlando need to feel loved and cared for right now. So, I want to try to get a copy to every one of the families as a gift but I don’t know where to start!

If you personally know how I can accomplish this, please follow this link to pass along your helpful information and I will make sure it happens. Also, would you join me and take a moment out of your day to pray for these devastated innocent ones? As you know, there is NOTHING more powerful than love. Love is the highest frequency of all.

Our World is in turmoil, and hatred, the most negative frequency of all, is rampant. So, in essence, all we can do to offset this negativity is to spread MORE love, hope, and healing wherever we go!

I am being transparent and a trifle vulnerable by sharing how helpless I feel when it comes to helping these victims of blatant terrorism. I need wisdom to accomplish this. Years ago, when I was on a trip to Israel, a member of the terror group, Hamas, lobbed a nail bomb into a Starbucks that I had visited just an hour before. In Israel, events like this are commonplace. When a car backfires, people duck. They live on edge because of those who thrive on hate. Dear friends, we MUST always be love personified in the face of tragedy. Continue to pray for our beloved America. Many who came before us to keep our shores and streets safe from acts of terrorism showed their love by giving their lives for our freedom. Love NEVER fails!

May God Bless You,
Michael S. Tyrrell