Breaking News

Hola Wholetonians,

Bet you've seen the “Breaking News” banner a lot lately, but fear not—this note has nothing to do with politics; it’s actually good news! One thing you can be sure of is that I keep my promises, so I have some breaking news for you—our Wholetones insider.

One of the many things I love about you is that you fill out surveys and tell me what you want. Topping the list is (drum roll please) more Wholetones! So, without divulging too much information, rumor has it that I will be heading back into the studio this summer to create something that will floor you … literally. You've heard the phrase, “peace that passes all understanding;” get ready to experience it! That’s all I can share for now, but here comes more “Breaking News”...

The other top customer request is convenience. Some of you mentioned that you wanted to take Wholetones everywhere you go, but that was not always possible because you didn’t want to carry your laptop or CD player and speakers around with you.

I heard you. I get it. So, I worked closely with the team at Barton Publishing to solve the problem of convenience, and then some! Soon you will be able to take Wholetones where no Wholetones has gone before (beach, pool, work, hospice, hospital, nursing home, etc.) to mention just a few.

Now believe me, this new invention has been kept totally under wraps for months for obvious reasons. Since you are a Wholetones insider, you will always know what’s happening first, but for now, please keep this under your hat! I have personally been using the prototype of this amazing device for months in a myriad of different applications.

The results have been overwhelming. Here is one very personal story. Eight months ago, I became the uncle of the most beautiful niece in the world, Gabriella. At her parents’ request, I took the prototype to the hospital so Gabriella could come into the world with Wholetones playing in the delivery room. The doctor and the nurses thought it was a great idea. The prototype played faithfully throughout the birthing experience. I was elated to learn that Gabriella entered the world sometime during the tracks, “Great Awakening” (741hz) and “The Majestic” (852hz)! Mom, Dad, and baby Gabriella went back to their hospital room and kept the music playing. When Lillian and I arrived, two nurses came in and said, “What is this amazing music? It’s so peaceful we just want to stay in this room.” After I explained to them what Wholetones was, one of them said to me, “I believe this music (Wholetones) should be the soundtrack for the entrance and the exit of every human life.” I was speechless!

I wish I could say more, but I think you get the picture. My heart is to make difficult things easy, simple, and convenient. This new device will do just that.

So this Friday, June 17th, we are releasing a whole new way to both enjoy and benefit from Wholetones healing frequency music. Since my childhood, I always enjoyed “show and tell.” Now, you can too, starting this Friday! So dear friends, watch your email on 6/17 for the big announcement and be the first in the world to get the newest item in the Wholetones family. I can’t wait for you to see it!!!!


Be Whole,


Michael S. Tyrrell