528 Day Is Here! Save 52.8% on ALL Wholetones

528 day is here, my friend!

Get 52.8% OFF Every Item You Buy from the Wholetones Store Up Until Midnight!

This sale is for TODAY ONLY…

The discount ends promptly at midnight (11:59 p.m. CST) on May 28th (528!)  Andeverything in the store is “on sale” – including:

  • The Entire Collection of 7 Wholetones Audio CDs PLUS a Hard Copy of My Book, “The Sound of Healing” - Combo Pack
  • Wholetones Singles for Digital Download
  • The Wholetones Digital Download Album and Digital E-Book Copy of My Book • Combo Pack
  • The Wholetones “CHROMA” DVD + BluRay
  • Wholetones "The Sound of Healing" Hardcover Book (by itself)
  • Wholetones Christmas Album Vol. 1 (CD + Digital Access)  
  • “The Making of Wholetones Christmas” Vol. 1 DVD
  • Wholetones T-Shirt (one of our newer products…which we don’t keep in stock, so SNAG ONE NOW!)

I’m actually probably missing a couple of products… but you get the idea.

You can see EVERYTHING and get access to the 52.8% discount by clicking here.

 SAVE 52.8% ON 5/28!

Remember… the special 52.8% discount ends promptly at midnight (11:59 p.m. CST) on May 28th (528!).

So for 24 hours, you’ll be able to purchase these life-changing works for 52.8% off the usual price!!!

Warmly Yours for Good Vibrations,
Michael S. Tyrrell


P.S. There’s hardly a day go by where we aren't asked, “Do you ever have discount coupons, or special sales?”  Well… “528 Day” is our way of emphatically saying…

“Yes!  Absolutely!”

And the fact that you could actually change someone’s life (including your own) for under $100 sounds ridiculous.  But that’s actually what’s happening here.

P.P.S.  I have a deeper reason for this whole 528 event... you see, I’ve always believed that love is not what you say – it’s what you do! 

And the least we can do for you and for everyone that’s ever shared the Wholetones “magic” on social media, told friends, prayed for us, encouraged us, or assisted us inANY way… is to have an annual day where we can do something for you.  Thus 528 was born! Come join us in the fun here