May You Be Blessed!

Happy Tuesday Wholetonians,

This email is of the utmost importance.

Together, we have literally changed the world…and we’ve just begun! Testimonies arepouring in from around the globe, because your support and prayers have helped me take Wholetones to the nations. I don’t have words that would accurately express how thankful I am for you, so… I will show you!

The “physical” launch of “Wholetones,” was at the Shakespeare Theatre in Orlando, Florida…October 24th, 2014. We are not even 2 years old yet! So, from day one, I have been in a state of, “shock and awe” at the uncanny way God has used this, “healing frequency music” to bring transformation to so many.

“Transformation,”  what a powerful word. Let me offer a brief definition:

Transformation |ˌtransfərˈmāSHən| - noun

1. a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance: its landscape has undergone a radical transformation.

2. a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal.

This word, transformation, is also the title of the 4th disk in your Wholetones set. (Also known as 528hz) It was this powerful frequency that inspired the Barton Publishing team, and yours truly, to dub May 28th as “528 day”!  As we continue to grow year after year, you can expect some special “token,” of our heartfelt appreciation for you on 5/28.  For the future, we are working on some special, “live,” events for 528 day.  But until then, we are going to respond by giving you what you, our faithful Wholetonians have asked for…a big phat discount on EVERYTHING Wholetones! That’s right for one day only, Wholetones, Wholetones Chroma, Wholetones Christmas and even the popular Wholetones T-Shirts! For 24 hours, you will be able to purchase these life changing works for 52.8% off the usual price!!!

There is never a day that passes where we aren't asked, “Do you ever have discount coupons, or special sales? Well, 528 Day is our way of emphatically saying…yes!

Here is the balance…When we released Wholetones, we looked at EVERY frequencybased product available, and quite frankly…many of the ones we researched were…VERY expensive. So with that in mind, we priced Wholetones at a price that most could afford, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and without the need for the typical, “just 6 easy payments” jargon. And once purchased, Wholetones is yours…period! But even with that said, some of our Wholetones family have loved ones who live on fixed or limited incomes, and we wanted to make sure that they had an opportunity to experience the benefits of Wholetones as well.  Hence, 528 Day was born. If someone told you that you could change your life for under $100.00, far less than the price of a 2 oz wrinkle cream at Saks 5th avenue, I think I know what you would say. On May 28th, everyone will be able to purchase Wholetones…at a fraction of the cost.

We have a deeper reason for this event, you see, love is not what you say, it’s what you do! And the least we can do for all of you that have shared Wholetones on social media, told friends, prayed for us, encouraged us, is to have an annual day where we can do something for you.

So, make sure you look out for a special email you will be receiving on Friday, May 27th that will explain the details of the amazing 528 Day sale in full!

Thank you for being you,

Michael S. Tyrrell