Wholetones comes alive with color and light


From my heart, I thank you for picking up your copy of Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project

I hope you’re enjoying what I consider my Opus Vitae or Life’s Work…

I hope that it’s bringing you healing… that it soothes you… and relieves you of anxiety, stress, and ill-feelings.

I also hope you’re enjoying my weekly emails!  It’s my way of staying in touch and alerting you to updates in the Wholetones and natural health world.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

I have an urgent update that couldn’t wait…

You see, because you purchased Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project, I believe you’re going to share in my excitement with this incredible announcement.

I’ve developed a new product that uses the healing frequencies of Wholetones in a whole new, AMAZING way… and it’s called Chroma!

Based on the provocative, proven success of chromotherapy, Chroma is to the eyes what Wholetones is to the ears… together—working in concert to provide a whole new healing experience like nothing you’ve ever seen!

I had the idea when I realized that colors—like sounds—carry powerful, healing vibrations that touch you on a deep, cellular level.

And I immediately knew that this needed to be the next phase of the Wholetones Project

Let me show you what Wholetones Chroma will do for you:

  • Provides the most comprehensive healing experience with light, color, and sound—based on chromotherapy, so you can get doctor approved, “clinical healing” at home…
  • Promotes health and well-being for your whole body and mind at the deepest, cellular level guaranteed…
  • Brings you inner harmony, peace, and the balance you need so your body can restore itself to peak performance…
  • Works “under the radar”… Chroma quietly heals you from the inside out whether you’re near it it or not—you don’t even need to be in the same room…
  • Clears your mind, removes clutter, relaxes you, and gently cleanses you of anxiety…

Plus so much more!

In a clinic or doctor’s office, you’ll pay over $100.00 for an hour-long session of chromotherapy… and it doesn’t even include the stress-sapping music of Wholetones.

As you know, Wholetones is nearly 3 hours of healing frequency music… to get the benefits of Chroma at the “clinical” rate, it would cost you over $300.00 each time you used it!

But Chroma doesn’t cost $300.00… it doesn’t even cost $100.  In fact, because you can use Wholetones Chroma for the rest of your life at your convenience for as long as you want, it’s almost FREE!

By now you’re probably wondering how it does all this… how you get this light, color, and sound into your in-home healing clinic…

It does it all with your very own television and a DVD or BluRay player!

That’s right. 

Wholetones Chroma works on ANY color television and video disc player.

You don’t need the latest technology in High-Definition (though Chroma DOES take advantage of this technology beautifully), you don’t need a BluRay player (though Chroma includes a BluRay disc for your convenience), and you don’t need an expensive sound system to get every benefit Chroma offers.

All of this works the exact same way whether you have a massive High-Def home theater set-up or a modest TV and DVD player.

Best of all I can show you how to take a risk-free trial of Chroma today!

All you have to do is click here to find out more about Chroma and how it can help soothe you and re-align your body and mind…

I’m very proud of this new addition to the Wholetones family.  And I know that once you see it, you’re going to be amazed by everything it does for you.

Don’t you deserve to have the very latest, scientifically proven methods for healing available to you?

Give it a shot… there’s no obligation for you to have a look at Chroma today.

Until next time…

Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell

P.S. Chromotherapy can cost more than $100.00 per hour!  At that rate, Chroma would cost you over $300.00 just to watch it one time!  Forget it.  Try Wholetones Chroma today, see why you’re going to love it, and then be shocked at how little it costs to take advantage of this scientifically proven therapy at home—on your own television set.  Best of all, Chroma is covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.  Ask an office that does chromotherapy if they offer a money back guarantee!  First, click here now and discover the amazing in-home “clinical healing” you’ll experience with Wholetones Chroma.  You’re going to love it.