The Shell Game

Have you ever gone to a carnival and experienced the shell game? The shell game is comprised of three hollow cups or walnut shells and a small ball, the person administering the game, puts the ball under one of the shells and then very quickly mixes them up using misdirection to baffle the onlooker. And to make sure that the game’s administer alway’s wins…there is a small hole in the table, just small enough for the ball to fall though into the hand of administer and make it “appear” that it was under another shell than the one the onlooker chose. This type of trickery is also known as, “sleight of hand” which depends upon the hand being quicker than the eye. the tragic part is when people actually believe that professional magicians possess supernatural power to perform such amazing feats! That is why some of the greats like, David Copperfield and Chris Angel, are referred to as, master illusionists. Here is the definition of the word illusion:

illusion |iˈlo͞oZHən (noun) a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses: the illusion makes parallel lines seem to diverge by placing them on a zigzag-striped background.

  • a deceptive appearance or impression: "the illusion of family togetherness | the tension between illusion and reality."
  • a false idea or belief: "he had no illusions about the trouble she was in."

When we started Wholetones, it was of the upmost importance to me that our business model and core values possessed the same type of integrity as the product itself! And you dear friends are the proof that it is working. Our customer approval rating remains among the highest in the industry because we say what we mean and we mean what we say. Many of our customers are shocked when they find out that I take the time to answer some of their emails and even call on occasion to verify testimonies. Our team at Barton Publishing is working hard to make sure that you, our amazing customers are well taken care of…after the sale.

I will be making an announcement in the very new future (you will hear about it first!) concerning new projects that will be released in 2015, I think you will be quite pleased. Remember, we LOVE hearing from you and we will be happy to add your experience to our ever expanding list of healing testimonials at

At Wholetones, we don’t want to give you just your monies worth…we want to over deliver…we  want to change YOUR life and ultimately, the World! I understand that word of mouth advertising will never be bested, so I am asking you for a favor, if Wholetones has been a blessing to you, tell a friend! At Wholetones, we are bound by the truth so, we never play the shell game, our customers always win! Thank you for helping me, help others.

Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell