Eight Miles High

Hello fellow Wholetonian,

Michael here… heading home from a visit with my sister in Colorado!

In fact, I’m writing you from an elevation of 35,000 ft, (thanks to GoGo WiFi). 

So I think I’ll lift you by making, “elevation” the word of the day!  Because, you see, a simple thing like your vantage point determines how things appear…  

For example, yesterday I was on a mountain in Conifer, Colorado elevation, 8900ft.  To put that in proper perspective let’s look at a contrasting vantage point.

I bought a bag of chips in Denver which is roughly, 5000ft and by the time I drove up to my sisters house in Conifer, about 3900ft later (and higher), the bag of chips exploded!  The added 3900ft was enough to increase the internal pressure of the bag until the bag could no longer contain its contents.  

In just a moment, you’ll see a couple of different life applications to this somewhat puzzling concept.

First, how do you fare under sudden extreme pressure, do you keep your cool or do you blow your stack?  One of the most common responses from our Wholetones customers is, “When I put on 396Hz (The Open Door) no matter how stressed out I am, within a few minutes, peace floods my soul and I often can’t remember what I was stressed out about!”  

Remember our word of the day… elevation? 

The opposite word is depress.

Depression by its own definition means to be pressed down, and depressed people use common buzz words that give away their condition, here are a few, “I’m feeling down,” “feeling under it,” “under the circumstances,” I’m bummed out,” “under a dark cloud,” etc, etc.  Did you see it… the common denominator of depressed people’s self talk is, “down” and what is the common denominator of Wholetones… UP!!!  Way up are the good vibrations that your body, soul and Spirit resonate with.

Wholetones originates from our Most High God, now THAT’S elevation!

Consider this my friend, think of a recent time when you woke up to a rainy overcast day and the rain and dark clouds really affected your mood, convincing you that it was a “bad” day.  At the same time I had just boarded a plane less than a mile from your home town, and while I was on the ground, I too saw the dark clouds and the rain but I knew something you didn’t, within minutes my plane would take me far above the darkness of the clouds… where the sky was blue and the sun was bright.

The storm clouds that are your ceiling (and were mine)… became my floor!  I call this type of thought, a Drop Ceiling Mentality, and it leads to chronic misconceptions of reality.  

From your vantage point, you saw dark clouds over you head.  From my vantage point, I saw sunshine above.  

You cannot top an aerial view for an accurate assessment of reality.  In the book of Revelation, John is on the Isle of Patmos and he is beckoned to, “come up here” which interpreted meant, “sit with me John and I (God) will show you things from a Heavenly perspective.”

Dear friend, before you settle on your vantage point in a situation, take a moment and get God’s perspective… His ways are higher than our ways.  Praying things will be looking “up” for you this week!

Until next time…

Stay loft and be whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell