Smoke and Mirrors: Resolve to Quit 2/2

Part 2 – Mirrors Revealed

Here’s the truth, what you believe about your smoking addiction, is an illusion! Addictions are predominantly divided into two categories mental (emotional) or chemical (physiological). The truth is, all addictions are a bit of both, because you cannot affect the mind without the body being affected and visa versa. Lets dispel some classic misconceptions and shatter the illusions that have kept you from quitting.

1) After quitting, you are always one puff away from being addicted again.

Really? A close family member smoked for years, she said she started to look cool. One day she read a report from the American cancer society and never smoked again.

2) Nicotine is a powerful highly addictive drug.

Really? No, cocaine, heroine and opiates like oxycontin are powerful highly addictive drugs. People have quit cigarette smoking with hypnotism, however you will NEVER find it effective with cocaine, heroine or oxycontin. Smoking is predominantly a mental addiction with a slight chemical interaction. I have never met anyone with a nicotine deficiency, likewise, I have never seen junkies snorting, shooting or dropping nicotine.

Here is a list of myths former smokers have shared with me to help you identify your own.

“Smoking makes me look more attractive, calms my nerves, keeps me thin, helps me cope, gives me confidence, helps me focus, makes me look “cool.” ‘

What do YOU believe? Do you believe a wooden stick can cure warts? Do you believe sugar pills can cure cancer? Do you believe a cigarette has power?

The truth is, your addiction is attached to a personal belief system or imagined reality that you have created, all based upon an elaborate…illusion!

Every smoker I have encountered that has been unsuccessful quitting, says the same thing; “I can’t quit, I’ve tried everything!” Look at your words, can’t never could!

The truth is, you have tried everything that doesn’t work. Trying hard has made you skeptical, frustrated, tired and numb.

Lets change that now, first realize that your healing began the moment you started reading this article and truth is gradually replacing the lies that you have been telling yourself for years. Next, begin to laugh at yourself, seriously, see the humor in you, Gods greatest creation being afraid of a piece of paper with tobacco stuffed in it! (If your still not laughing) remember the scene from the “Wizard Of Oz” when Dorothy and her friends were shaking like leaves in the presence of Oz, the great and terrible, when all of a sudden, Dorothy’s dog, Toto pulls back the curtain revealing the real Oz, a short old man with a loudspeaker, smoke and mirrors! Now realize, you don’t have to work or try harder, just change what you believe, change your mind and you will change your LIFE!

Let me leave you with one last story: Years ago, a dear friend of mine (lets call him, David) was beside himself because after trying everything, he could not stop smoking. David’s wife was pregnant with their first child and he wanted to quit before the baby was born. Many of David’s well meaning Christian friends offered suggestions, but it was the advice of a new convert that changed David’s life, he said; forget the patch, forget will power, this is what you do. Every time you walk out to the dock to smoke, hold that joker in the air and say, “God, You know I hate this, but I have been powerless to stop, what can you do for me?” On David’s seventh trip down the dock, he threw his cigarettes into the lake, that was over seven years ago and he has never smoked again.

 I love the word, Emmanuel, it means: God with us! Friend, you are not alone in your struggle.

He is always there, and created you with the ability to overcome any obstacle in your way. I am looking forward to hearing your stories, please write and let us know if this article was helpful.

It is my prayer that you will be ringing in the New Year with a prayer of gratitude on your lips, instead of a cigarette. LOL, which is short for:

Lots Of Love,