Finding God’s Horizon

2013 The Unknown and Unpredictable, true “prophetic” words will be rare. Things will not go according to YOUR plans! Even though this will cause frustration it will prove unwarranted as you will find God was sovereign, lovingly leading you in a direction that was “outside” of your horizon yet well within His. He is making a spectacle out of you! Seriously he giving you spectacular vision from Hi…s Kingdom perspective instead of your natural vision beneath the drop-ceiling of your human interpretation of the Divine. Although the word “best” is relative, this could be the ‘best” year of your life if you are willing to FULLY surrender your self to His direction like Huckleberry Finn on a raft trusting the Mississippi to take him where it flows you will sail past the good, the acceptable and moor soundly in the harbor of God’s perfect will for your life…let Him be your tillerman HE KNOWS THE WAY…He IS THE WAY… Follow…Lean NOT on YOUR own understanding for that could prove disastrous…Trust, Obey, THRIVE