LIVE! See Michael S. Tyrrell in a Rare WHOLETONES Event!


Hello friends,

My name is Marty M. Fahncke, and I'm the Chief Marketing Officer of Barton Publishing.

Michael is in the studio right now working on a new (and amazing!) Wholetones project, so he asked me to send this note to you. I work alongside Joe Barton and Michael to help deliver Wholetones to the world. You've heard from me a few times, but you've never heard from me with such exciting news as I have for you today!

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For almost two years, people have been asking “When and where can we meet Michael, and hear him play the Wholetones music live?” Well the time has arrived! We've arranged for a special one time only Wholetones LIVE event on Friday, September 23rd, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For two solid hours, you'll have the chance to hear Michael playing his guitar as the music of Wholetones washes over you. I've arranged with Michael to spend some time during the evening to allow for some questions from the audience, and even some time set aside for a few lucky folks to have private, one on one time with Michael!

We are also excited to have Sundui Chimidkhorloo joining Michael on stage. Sundui plays the horse head violin, as well as other instruments, and has been involved in EVERY Wholetones song alongside Michael. Together, the music they create on stage that night will be powerful, emotional, and beautiful. You won't want to miss this!

Because of the cost of securing a venue, travel, sound and light, and all of the other expenses involved in putting on a live event, we've set the admission price at $50. HOWEVER, as CMO of Barton Publishing, I want to personally invite you to use a special VIP discount code to get $30 off! That's right, if you register for this event within the next 2 weeks, I'll cover more than half the cost of your ticket, and you can get into the Wholetones LIVE event for just $20. But don't wait, ONLY 250 tickets are available for this special event, so reserve yours now!

Click here to secure your tickets:
(Enter the promotional code “VIP” to take advantage of my $30 discount)

I am so looking forward to seeing you on September 23rd as we enjoy Wholetones LIVE together!


Marty M. Fahncke
CMO – Barton Publishing

PS – With only 250 seats available, there is no doubt this event will sell out. PLEASE don't lose out on the ONLY chance you'll have this year to experience Michael S. Tyrrell and WHOLETONES LIVE! Click here to get your tickets now: