Hertz So Good

Hello Fellow Wholetonians,

I thought this week’s letter would be kind of a “nuts and bolts” edition where I answer a few of your questions, so here we go!

Q1. To get the full benefit of Wholetones, is it necessary to use headphones?

A.  Actually, it is not necessary to use headphones, although some discriminating listeners and audiophiles prefer them.

Q2. Do I need to play Wholetones at a loud volume?

A.  Absolutely not! Since Wholetones works primarily on a cellular level, any volume is fine. This is a funny story… One of our customers said her husband didn’t like Wholetones because it was too loud…once I explained that she could alleviate the problem by turning down the stereo, her husband loved the music!

Q3. Do pets benefit from Wholetones?

A.  Most definitely! In fact, we have received so many amazing testimonials from pet owners stating that behavioral issues and separation anxiety have resolved, and even physical healing has resulted, from playing Wholetones for their “fur-babies.” (Please feel free to read testimonials at www.wholetones.com).

Q4. Why is each track exactly 22:22?

A.  This was not pre-meditated. It was a phenomenon that occurred without any of us being aware of time. It is quite fitting in hindsight though, considering that this project is centered on “The Key Of David.” Note this scripture reference: Isaiah 22:22,
“ I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

Q5. Since I began playing Wholetones in my home, my houseplants are growing like crazy. How is this possible?

A.  Wholetones appears to have a very positive effect on all living things. My dear friend, Jordan Rubin, health and wellness expert, award winning author, and supplement formulator, has been using Wholetones and Wholetones Chroma to enhance his hand made nutritional products for some time now.

Q6. When I listen to “Transformation” (528Hz), I get irritable and sometimes I even get a mild headache, any suggestions? 

A. Remember, Wholetones is frequency-based music, thus a reaction of this kind usually means it’s working! Let me explain. If a frequency pinpoints a problem area in your body, you may experience a “Herxheimer reaction.” Here is a definition of the Herxheimer reaction: “The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms.”  Any time we experience a “detox,” it is initially unpleasant, but a few days later you feel great. Here is a fascinating observation—virtually all of our customers that experience a detox after listening to 528hz (Transformation) are woman going through menopause! Here is a portion of my book, “The Sound Of Healing,” referring to the frequency, 528hz: “It (528hz) has other noteworthy specific effects on the body that will thrill our female readers. It may help balance hormones, pelvic issues, premenstrual syndrome, pre-menopause, muscle tension, pericardium heart muscle, weight problems, lymphatic, and circulation issues.”  Spot on, wouldn’t you say ladies? Here is my recommendation … if a particular frequency appears to cause discomfort, cut back on that one. Maybe start by listening to that one only 3 times a week, until it doesn't cause any discomfort, then build up until you can listen once a day. If you are like most, you will feel a big improvement within a couple of weeks.

Q7. Are you currently working on any new Wholetones projects?

A. Yes. A new release is imminent—you will be thrilled! If you are reading this letter, you will be the first to hear about it! Stay tuned.

Well dear friends, I hope this Q and A session helped you gain a better understanding of why Wholetones is making a difference in thousands of peoples’ lives daily. To God be the glory!

Be Whole,
Michael S. Tyrrell