Go ahead... Make Michael's Day!


My name is Marty M. Fahncke, and I’m the CMO for Barton Publishing.  You may have heard my good friend Michael mention my name.  Or maybe not! :-)

Anyway, Michael is off taking a much needed vacation.  So he asked me to drop you a note to let you know that he is really, really sorry you won’t be hearing directly from him this week, BUT he is resting and recharging in preparation for an exciting new project that you’ll be hearing about in the next couple of months.  (Trust me, it’s awesome!)

In the meantime, I wanted to take a minute to share a couple of testimonials that have come in the past week or two from customers just like you.  To protect privacy, I’ve kept the names off of these comments.  But rest assured, these are real testimonials, from real people.  They really touched my heart, and I hope you will find inspiration in them as well…

"Michael, I just wanted to tell you that the Wholetones have saved my life many times over. I am living with PTSD and suicide never leaves my mind for very long. In my book, I talk about a spiral that I go through. Wholetones has helped me to lessen the effects of this. I thank you so much. God Bless you” 

“I woke up with a sore shoulder yesterday. I started listening to Wholetones around 8AM and the soreness was gone by 4PM but what is more remarkable is how a sore has healed on the back of my left forearm. So you know, I'm diabetic so sores don't heal very quickly for me. I had the sore for over a week with little if any change. After a day of listening to Wholetones, it has almost completely healed.”

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my "Wholetones" CDs! I play them every morning during my study and reading time! The music itself is very relaxing, and I know for a fact that we humans learn better and faster when we are relaxed. I credit "Wholetones" for my reduction in blood pressure, my ability to absorb information faster and better, and for starting the day in a brighter and more positive frame of mind!”

I hope you enjoyed those words from other people in the Wholetones family.  If YOU have had a positive experience with Wholetones, will you please consider sharing your own testimonial with Michael?  Let’s make Michael's day when he returns by filling his Facebook page with your personal stories of how Wholetones has impacted your life for the better! Just go to https://wholetones.com/stories and leave you heartfelt story. Nothing would make Michael happier than to hear how his life's work and commitment to our Lord has helped others!

Thanks for letting me join you for a few minutes today.  Michael will be back next week sharing his words and wisdom!

Your friend,

Marty M. Fahncke
Chief Marketing Officer
Barton Publishing, publisher of Wholetones