Always Follow The Directions

Hey Wholetones family,

Undoubtedly, you have been getting some emails from me showcasing some of my personal picks of health and wellness products. For close to 30 years now, I have been using and testing (human Guinea pig!) hundreds of supplements, alternative remedies and cutting edge technologies (some of my own as well). In the past, I only shared my health and wellness secrets with my family and a few friends. But now, primarily due to an influx of emails asking me to share some of the products that I use… occasionally I will recommend some new discoveries to you that really WORK! I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time (or money) to waste on products that don’t perform…so with literally thousands to choose from, I will take some of the guesswork out of the equation for you. That’s the least I can do!

Until I discovered Wholetones, because of my outrageous travel schedule and time zone differences, I really suffered with bouts of insomnia. When I started playing 396Hz at bedtime, I slept like a baby! Let’s be honest, there are not too many things worse for your body than sleep depravation. So sleep is a big deal to me and I am always looking for products that will help people get a full nights rest. A few weeks ago, my friend, Joe Barton, (Barton Publishing) mentioned a brand new product that was about to be released called, “Ease” by a company I was quite familiar with, “Activation Products.” It (Ease) is a topical magnesium based spray that you apply just before bedtime to help you sleep and relieve muscular pain at the same time. Joe had a sample and let me put some in a cup to try before retiring when we were on a business trip in California. I put some on my neck, which was sore, and before I got into bed I noticed the pain was completely…gone. The one downside to my initial use of the product (ease) was, it didn’t help me sleep. So Joe ordered me a bottle of “Ease,” and it was waiting for me when I arrived home. I tried the product a second time with identical results, the muscle pain disappeared instantly, but it didn’t help me sleep! Now here’s where the story gets humorous! A dear friend who really struggles with insomnia came for a visit last week and I decided to try the product (ease) on her. When she joined my wife and I for breakfast the next morning, she said, “what’s in that stuff I haven’t slept like that in a long time.” The following night I made a giant discovery, after finally reading the directions on the bottle, I quickly learned that I had NOT been using the product properly. After following the directions not only am I pain free, but I have slept at least 8 hours straight without waking during the night! Friends, the moral of the story is…ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INTRUCTIONS!

Obviously, after using it correctly… I highly recommend the product, “EASE” by Activation Products… you will love it! Thank you for listening and loving Wholetones.

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Be Whole,

Michael S. Tyrrell