Chroma, Light Outside The Box

By the time you receive this letter, it will be nearly one year (October 24th, 2014) since the actual launch of Wholetones!

Words cannot express my feelings as I look back and recount the supernatural testimonies, unbridled acceptance, and love and support from everyone… thank you!!!

When a dream becomes a reality it builds one’s faith exponentially, thus empowering us to expand our dream and foster a greater realm of creativity.  Last week, my friends at Barton Publishing released, “Chroma,” the latest expression of my Wholetones dream.

Chroma adds a component of light, or “chromotherapy” to the seven songs you already know and love.  Light and sound is literally the genesis of creation since the Earth’s beginning.  

In Genesis 1:3, Elohim (God, the maker of heaven and earth) made light by declaration (sound).  And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. One obvious fact concerning the elemental nature of life is paramount.  We are beings of light and cannot survive without it.  Living in Florida, the sunshine state, I know a little bit about light! Exposure to sunlight helps our bodies produce the proper level of vitamin D3, which science has proven is highly beneficial to our immune system and other natural functions of the body.  

I’m always amazed as I travel to some of our northernmost states.  I see so many people wearing eyeglasses and suffering from SAD, (seasonal anxiety disorder) during the winter months.  The explanation is simple, people in the north live with a very limited exposure to natural sunlight.  Those who suffer with SAD, usually receive measured relief by purchasing a sunlamp for use at home during the winter.  

In contrast, when I had a blood test recently, it showed high levels of vitamin D3, and at 55 years of age my eyesight remains, 20/20.  If you research the overall health of the youth in America over the last 30 years, you will see a steady decline since the advent of video games, as our children have opted to sit in dark rooms for hours at a time playing video games instead of getting exercise, fresh air, and sunshine outdoors.

I call Wholetones Chroma, light outside the box, for good reason… it turns your home television into a virtual light therapy device!  I did not create Chroma to replace healthy exposure to sunlight, but as a viable tool to add the harmonics of color (hues) that match the 7 Wholetones audio frequencies you are already accustomed to.

So simply put, by adding the modality of light to the modality of sound, you experience a new dimension of therapy… in the comfort of your own home… anytime you want!  And since Chroma is one disk, (comes with DVD and BluRay disks) you can use it with most equipment and any television as long as it is COLOR!  

All seven songs are on one disk with high resolution and fidelity (BluRay disk is 24bit/ 48K!) It does not replace Wholetones, it is actually the perfect compliment, as you cannot play Chroma on your car sound system or download it to iTunes, it’s not for mobile devices.  Chroma was created to be experienced in the comfort of your own home, creating a healing environment of light and sound by inserting one disk into a DVD or BluRay player and turning on your television…

…amazingly simple, yet extraordinarily powerful! 

Now, not only will you hear the music, you will see it as well. I cannot wait until you try it in your living room

Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light),

Michael S. Tyrrell