Revealing truth & fun puns; Michael’s highlights

The majority of viral videos are cute animals, kids or stupid (yes I said it) kicks that make us laugh. Although Michael teaches that laughing is God’s medicine; he swings ‘out of the park’ revelations at us all on social media in the midst of everyday humor.

Those who follow Michael S. Tyrrell on social media forms often find the silly humor mixed in with deep thoughts refreshing and realistic. I think maybe some of his favorite puns got more attention than did his one sentence revelations. So, below is a combination of the best “overlooked” puns as well as the heart-felt, often inspiring open-hearted confessions. In no order, enjoy and follow Michael for realistic revelations & humor.

Fear God and live…fear man and die-M
I laugh when ever someone tells me they are a “control freak.” I tell them lovingly… “you are not even in control of your next heartbeat, so technically… your just a “freak.”-M
The wine of pride produces one deadly hangover-M
Everything I have posted here is way over your head….that’s because I am flying at 35,000 ft right now!-M
I am in lion for a promotion! – M
[When responding to his lion photo being “corny”] Awe shucks! Any one that really knows me will get an earful of corn and pun-ish-ment! Deal with it! And I ain’t lion. – M
Why would you want to be anyone else when you can be you? You were custom-made by God!-M
Glad to be a friend of God…. glad it’s a real relationship and not dependent on Facebook. -M
When God speaks, it’s like oxygen… when man speaks, just gas-M
Love the hell out of someone today, if you really love them, it will go. “Perfect love (Agape), casts out fear”… now that’s deliverance!!-M