Proximity vs. Perspective

Next time you get in your car look at the cryptic message in your side view mirror, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” The reason that message is there is to gently remind you that perspective is skewed and proximity is absolute! Accidents occur because of faulty perspective. In a large shopping mall there is usually a large info board with a map of the entire mall and a big black X which reads, “you are here.” In a world in flux it is imperative to know where you are and WHO you are! Emmanuel means, “God with us” pause and think about that statement…the God of ALL creation the maker of Heaven and Earth is with US…right here right now! The reason you may not have realized it is that He is soooo BIG and soooo Close that you couldn’t see Him! Like a fractal image that is too large to see in its entirety you may only see the edge or a fragment of the whole picture. I have felt a need to film “street video’s” for people who may never darken the door of a church…I could use some help. You see I am making these videos with my own resources…after you watch this video…if it moves you, help me move it! You can help me help others by making a donation, sharing the video and praying for the “Street videos” project. Watch it today…I pray the presence of God will inhabit your proximity today!

Michael S. Tyrrell