Frequently Asked Questions

Why get a license?

Copyright owners have the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and publicly perform or display their work, to authorize adaptations (works based on their original work, and to authorize digital transmissions (streaming) of their sound recordings. Anyone who wants to use a copyrighted work for these purposes needs permission from the copyright owner.


What are the copyright releases that need to be obtained?

  • A performance license allows you to play the music or video containing the music in, or transmit the work to, the public.
  • A synchronization license allows you to synchronize the musical composition in timed relation with audio-visual images on film or videotape.
  • A mechanical license allows you to reproduce and distribute a specific composition in a recording medium (such as a CD, DVD, vinyl, etc.) at an agreed upon fee per unit manufactured and sold.
  • A digital performance license allows you to stream a sound recording. 
  • An adaptation license allows you to create a new work based on the existing music or video.


Do I need a license if I already have a license from BMI, ASCAP or SESAC?

Yes. The Wholetones family of music and videos is not covered by these organizations.


I bought the Wholetones music. Can’t I set it up to play at the reception desk in my office?

The purchase price of the Wholetones products only covers private listening, even when it is marketed for business purposes. This also applies when you buy an audio file, software, DVD or CD, regardless of how they are labeled. Once you decide to play any copyrighted music or video publicly, you need permission from the copyright owners.


Can I play Chroma in my greenhouses?

If you are growing plants for personal consumption only, then yes. If you intend to distribute the plants or produce to others, you must obtain a license.


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